Optimised Design Limited’s mission is to help clients to interpret their plans and designs and to make sure that the house, which they are renovating or building fits with how they want to live. It is important to us to spend time understanding you, how you function as a family or as an individual and what makes you happy.

Optimised Design began as a result of the many conversations we have had with people who have built new homes and have found teething problems such as spaces which do not fit existing furniture, insufficient storage, kitchens lacking functionality and areas that do not flow. We have been called apon time and time again to help countless builders and renovators with flow and layout and have helped them to maximise areas in living spaces. As a result, Optimised Design was born.

We give you design possibilities that you may not have considered and practical, creative recommendations that will ensure your home is the best it could be, with you in mind.

Sarah Makin, Designer and (new) Director of Optimised Design, is a qualified Interior Designer with personal, hands on experience renovating her own homes. She has experience in the building industry, working with floor plans and project management as well as interior painting and décor.

Monique Ellis-Martin, original owner of Optimised Design, spent four years working in England for two of the leading property developers before working in New Zealand. She is very experienced in working with tight spaces and getting the best layout for the design.

“I love design and the challenge of taking an existing space and creating something amazing and unexpected. I also love people! My passion is to find out what makes them feel happy and incorporate this into my ideas.” – Sarah